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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pour Over Bar!

by Joel Thiessen
Anyone who has been anywhere near our Cafe at Leon and Bertram can see that we are undergoing some serious renovations - but don’t let a 3 story office structure overshadow the huge improvements that are currently going on INSIDE the Streaming Cafe!

In an effort to further provide mind-blowing coffee to our valued patrons, the Cafe has been remodeling its bar flow and has introduced a few new gadgets...Now once you step through the front doors you will be greeted by two hourglass shaped works of art (and the standard glowing smiles from our Baristas). Invented in 1941 Chemex joins elegant design with precise coffee brewing and has been "one of 100 best modern devices" by the New York Times and has been inducted to The Muesum of Modern Art.

Similar to the Hario V60 that many of our customers have been raving about, the Chemex is a pour-over brewing technique that acts as an alternative to automatic drip machines, french press and many other methods. Each 12oz serving expresses aromas and tasting notes that are typically stripped away by incorrect or careless brewing - when brewed right coffee tastes delicious!

The pour over menu changes weekly and features roasts from Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters. So put away those creamers and sugar and pick up one of the best tasting cups of coffee you'll ever drink!

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