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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Art Show: Lance Lindblom

Come check out new artwork from Kelowna based artist Lance Lindblom this Thursday, May 17th at Streaming Cafe! The event starts at 7pm and will feature several of Lindblom's drawings and paintings as well as musical performances from a number of local performing groups including the Canadian rock trio and Youtube sensation The Lungpipes.
The art will be displayedon the Streaming Cafe walls for all of May so come down and it out in person!

Lance Lindblom is a Kelowna based artist who's primary interest lies within spending long meticulous hours crafting portraits of various mammalian subjects and pop culture icons. This young scallywag's recent series of drawings showcases a number of past U.S. presidents alongside a variety of Lance's favorite animals. Besides being a dedicated visual artist Lance is also a member of the Canadian musical supergroup and YouTube sensation "The Lungpipes.

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