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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Drunk Foxes, Polar Bears, Rockets, Space Wolves...Pat LePoidevin!

When Pat LePoidevin left our café on the night of May 15, 2010, we knew we would be seeing him again. He left an imprint on our minds of what music could be – that all genres of music have not been discovered, exhausted, and then forgotten. Pat brought something new to the table. Something fresh and stellar. Something that, simply put, left us wanting more.

Melodic guitar, delicate ukulele and mighty vocals delivering hypnotizing lyrics all combined to form artfully crafted songs and heart-fluttering crescendos. Pat has masterfully honed his performance, and before he even completed his first song the audience was under his spell. But it was a good spell. A spell that makes your heart feel giddy with optimism, a spell that makes every hair on your body stand on end (well, that might be bad if you’ve got eyebrows like I do…), a spell that truly inspires you in all aspects of life! Pat LePoidevin has the ability to visually project his music right through your cornea and onto your retinas. When you hear him you see his words. Drunk Foxes! Polar Bears! Rockets! Space Wolves!

Are you getting this? Pat LePoidevin has talent that you can’t find in every Tom, Norm or Andy. Don’t believe me? Tune in on January 8th and tell me I’m wrong.

Watch live January 8 at 7pm PST @ http://www.streamingcafe.net/

Listen to Pat LePoidevin @ http://www.myspace.com/patlepoidevin

American Folk Icon David Wilcox

David Wilcox is an iconic American contemporary folk singer/songwriter from North Carolina, and we’re excited to have him return to Streaming Café on January 27th. When Wilcox was first here in June of 2009, he caught a lot of us by surprise: his guitar sounded amazing, and his James-Tayloresque voice filled the Café with seemingly no effort on his part. And when we all leaned forward and listened to the words he was singing, we realized we were in the presence of someone who had tapped into the deeper riches of what life is all about.

That description may seem overly “flowery”. But just listen to Wilcox’s lyrics: “We had time to dream; our huckleberry glide downstream. That’s the way it seemed: time was cheap as gasoline.” I mean, what better description of taking a carefree road trip than to hearken back to our mutual memory of Huck Finn running away down the river on his raft? When Wilcox turns that same word-crafting skill toward topics like globalization or terrorism, his lyrics provoke our own thoughts to uncover ideas and opinions we never even realized we had.

Rarely have I seen an audience sit whisper-quiet through one song about the hard realities of life (with real tears on many faces) only to burst into laughter at the artist’s tongue-in-cheek intro to the next song about relationships. That’s the way David Wilcox affects those listening to him. Don’t believe me? Check out the excerpt from his previous visit in our Previous Shows section on the website. Just search for David Wilcox at the top of the Previous Shows page and you’ll find him.
David Wilcox in 2009 at SC

David Wilcox will appear for one night only at Streaming Café, January 27th at 7:00PM, and tickets ($20 each) are available at the Café (596 Leon Avenue) as of right now. There is limited seating available, and once the tickets are all sold we will not be able to offer any more, in order that those attending get the best listening-room experience possible.

I don’t know a lot about what 2011 holds, but I already know what I’ll be doing on January 27th. Consider this your personal invitation to attend, and if the tickets are all sold out, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Visit David Wilcox @ http://davidwilcox.com/

Monday, December 20, 2010

Andrew Allen Voted Favorite Show of 2010...watch the rebroadcast!

Watch the replay Dec.31st & Jan. 1st

Thanks to everyone who put in your vote for your favourite show of 2010 and a big congrats to David Fairfield who took home a $50 Itunes Card! Andrew Allen took the lead in votes and his performance from January 29th, 2010 will be rebroadcast all day New Years Eve and New Years Day @ www.streamingcafe.net

Andrew has made a lot of waves this year and is newly signed with Epic Records, the premiere label for Sony Music.  He will be heading out on his first US tour in support of his lead off single "Loving You Tonight" in January/Feb/March of 2011.  It’s really cool to see such a great guy and talented artist moving forward in his career. Congrats Andrew!

Download Andrew's music on iTunes...
Andrew on iTunes

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A killer news site streaming the Greg Sczebel show

No, no, don't worry, we haven't partnered with a news site dedicated to the latest "killings" but we're really proud to have the upcoming Juno-award winning Greg Sczebel Christmas show streamed live on the homepage of local news site Castanet.net this Sat, Dec. 18 @ 7pm PST.

This is literally what the artist will see. Literally.
It's just cool to see other sites wanting to have our show on their site and this will be a pretty amazing experience to be a part of. Lately we've been doing a little bit of experimenting with the commenting and interaction aspect of the concert to make it a little bit more engaging for the online viewer (yup, that would be you). So, what we are doing is setting up a screen for the artist that shows a live feed of the comments that come in so that they can respond to what is posted. So yes, that question you've wanted to ask Greg for the past 2 years but have been too chicken to ask in person you can now do online (For example: "Will you go out with me?").

It'll be a really festive show (yes, the title "Verry Merry Soulful Christmas" is literal and purposefully spelled that way Mr. Smarty-pants) that will also be replayed throughout the Christmas season so you can be deep-frying your turkey, opening gifts, sledding down a mountain, or just sitting on your couch to relive the magic of this night (of course all you need is a computer with internet).

Look forward to seeing you either live in the Cafe or of course you can watch it on our homepage and interact with everyone else here: http://streamingcafe.net.

Oh, and feel free to invite all your friends to this event as well - we've made a nice little Facebook page for the event so it's easy to share right here.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Intro Music by Zaac Pick

We are very happy to be premiering new intro music this coming Saturday show on Dec 11th at 7pm (pst).  Zaac Pick has been kind enough to grant permission to use an edit of his song "Maybelline" and we are excited to have a new flavour and sound to the beginning of our streamed concerts!

 Zaac made a real impact on us during his performance back in February at Streaming Cafe and his soft vocal approach left us all wanting to hear more. His debut EP "Fierce Wind" is a must buy for 2010.
Be sure to look into Zaac Pick if you haven't already.
Zaac on itunes

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Streaming Cafe the Year in Review

What a year it’s been for Streaming Café! Hopefully you’ve been along for the ride the whole way – but if you’ve joined us in the last little bit, thanks for hopping on board!

Julie Doiron, Catherine MacLellan, Corb Lund; 2010 has been a banner year for Streaming Café in regard to artists. Talent from across the country has made its way to our comfy little venue, and we’ve loved every minute of the music! It’s been an honour to work with some of the best in the indie world over the past 12 months; it’s great to hear an artist on CBC one day, and then hear them live, in person, the next! One of our highlights this year was being a host venue for Breakout West, the music festival surrounding the Western Canadian Music Awards. Adaline, Del Barber, Violent Kin, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald,  Dojo Workhorse, Jen Lane, Ben Sigston, even the jazz drummer Sandro Dominelli and his trio played SC during Breakout West, and they kept us hopping!

We’ve seen changes or advances this year in both our format and our delivery systems. Since our inception we’ve always wanted to connect audience members to the artist as much as possible, and we used to think that meant having a host for the show who could ask questions of the artist as they came in online or in-house. For the last several weeks, however, we’ve rigged up a new system for the artist to be able to see directly the questions that come in online (and in-house, too), even without a host. It’s been great! Whether you’re watching the show from the Café, or from the website, you can add your own questions to the mix and have the artist answer you directly! We’re really pumped about how well this has been going.

Streaming Café has always tried to give online viewers the best experience possible, and we’ve had three major advances this year that have served to enhance that focus. First of all, half-way through the year our Fibre Optic system was finally activated, and so now our shows go out over the fastest connection possible to mankind (cool, eh?). And secondly, on the receiving end, we’ve started streaming the show to the iPhone and iPad as well – go ahead, check us out on your trendy Apple device! And thirdly, for those of us who prefer our online experience to be on a larger screen, we here at SC have been streaming our show in what’s called a “Multi-Bit-Rate”, or MBR, meaning the show goes out in different streams; whatever speed your connection is, the live show or the archived video (from our Past Shows section) will play at the best quality for your internet service level. And if you want the video feed to stay at one particular quality level, you can even right-click on the video screen and select your preference (also cool, eh?).

Thanks for being along for the ride. In fact, to thank you for your active participation and support, we’ve rigged up a little contest to celebrate. It’s all about the music; and you can learn more about that contest elsewhere in this newsletter.

See you next year!

Vote for your favourite performance of 2010 and be entered to win a $50 itunes card!

Vote for your favourite performance of 2010 and be entered to win a $50 itunes card. 
We’ve narrowed it down to the Top 12 shows of the year, based on audience feedback and viewership. If you missed the live show, watch the videos and leave a comment to vote. The show with the most votes will be rebroadcast New Years Eve and New Years Day!

Treelines – Jan. 9th

Julie Doiron – Jan 22nd

Andrew Allen – Jan 29th

Zaac Pick – Feb. 19th

Laurell – March 5th

Adaline - March 6th
(Breakout West)

Amy Seeley – April 10th

Catherine MacLellan with the Olympic Symphonium – May 8th

Pat LePoidevin – May 15th

Sarah Brendel – July 17th

Sheree Plett – Sept 18th

Andy Shauf & Zachary Lucky – Nov 11th