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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Craig Cardiff - cafe performance April 1st

by Michael Donley

We are fortunate to have Craig Cardiff performing on Friday, April 1st for a exclusive ticketed show at the Cafe.
Noted as one of Canada's most impressive musical workhorses, Craig Cardiff has fervently released eleven albums in the past ten years, democratizing the very process of music making each step of the way. Hailed as the Che or Kerouac of indie music, Craig is a pioneer in alternate venue touring, often appearing in churches, basements, festivals, kitchens and even the street. His outstanding 11th CD release ‘Goodnight (GoHome)' reminds us that often the very best in art and culture can be found well outside the glass walls of the highly corporatized entertainment industry.

Cardiff's voice has been described as 'warm, scratched, sad and sleepy' and his songs are landscapes that expose the human condition, putting magnifying glasses to the clumsier and less proud moments. Armed with sardonic sincerity and polished awkwardness, Cardiff's performances are a mix of story and song, and occasional brawls.
"I think that the best shows are the ones where the lights are low, the music weaves in and out and the people forget where the audience begins and the performer ends," says Cardiff. Cardiff's commitment to his music is mirrored in his approach to touring and recording during the past ten years. Live recordings and self-produced albums range from sound experimentation to collaborations comprise his 14 albums, available on itunes, CDBABY, and as part of the MapleMusic/WordOfMouth Music Catalogue. Craig has played with and opened for some of the best artists around, including Glen Phillips, Lucy Kaplansky, Dan Bern, Natalia Zukerman, Andy Stochansky, Sarah Harmer, Kathleen Edwards, Blue Rodeo, Gordon Downie (Tragically Hip), Hawksley Workman, Sarah Slean, Skydiggers, 54-40 and more. Catch Craig out on the road in the winter/spring of 2011 in the US and Canada.

This show will not be streamed so support Craig and watch in person at the Cafe. Get your advance tickets @ http://www.agentless.ca/craigcardiff or at Streaming Cafe.