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Monday, March 14, 2011

Web-traveling the North Scene : Little City

Michael Donley

I thought from time to time I would blog about some bands that I've come across in my web-travels that aren't booked or haven't performed at Streaming Cafe but stood out to me as something cool and different (and I just had to tell someone!) The Toronto based six piece folk rock band Little City is exactly that.

Little City have just released their first EP The Going and the Gone and worked with renowned Canadian producer/engineer Laurence Currie (Sloan, Hey Rosetta!, Holy Fuck). It really is a good album and worth checking out.

Thom Macfarlane’s powerful, restrained percussion grounds Dave Clarke’s uplifting bass and provides the perfect foundation forTrevor Kai’s virtuosity on the keys (and accordion!) as he adds effortless elements of both exuberance and solemnity. The same can be said for brothers Jordan and Shaun Axani’s intricate, guiding guitar melodies, and of course Frances Miller’s arresting roots-tinged vocals, as her distinct whisper-turned-wail dynamics and warmth anchor the songs’ vast sound scope.

They just recently performed two showcases at Canadian Music Week as part of the FACTOR Break through serious.