Streaming Cafe

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Castanet and Streaming Café

by Malcolm Petch

When you’re on a journey, it’s always nice to come across helpful folks along the way. We here at Streaming Café have been pleased at the on-going support we’ve received from Kelowna’s Castanet.net, the online news source for the Okanagan and beyond. They’ve been going since November 2000, and as far as successful online media presence goes, Castanet is a grandfather in the industry (for comparison, though they’re in a different arena, Friendster launched in 2002, MySpace in 2003, and facebook started in 2004).

Today there’s a blurb on Brad Parson’s “offbeat” page with a picture and link right on the front page (on Castanet) about tonight’s Album-Release party with Pat LePoidevin. Big shout-out to Brad and the others there for supporting us yet again! The live show itself will be streamed on our site, as per normal, but Castanet will be showing it on the offbeat page as well. Take that, facebook!

So there are your choices for tonight: watch Pat’s show live on SC, watch it live on Castanet.net (and keep up with the news at the same time), or come on down to the café and watch it in person! You can’t get a beer or a coffee online, of course, but Pat’s music will still be there…

Thanks, Castanet!