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Friday, March 4, 2011

Tip of the week - Pay with a Tweet

by Nico Boesten
I wanted to pass on a new service that seems to be picking up a bunch of steam in the indie music world. Maybe because it's free and it's a nifty little way that artists can give away their tracks for free in exchange for a mention on Twitter and Facebook.
Seems to be that most artists understand that lots of people like getting music for free and if you're desperate enough (along with having a few computer geek skills) you can get pretty much anything for free so why not just give it away?

Trent Reznor has some interesting views on this whole topic but here's a great little service that thousands of artists are using called Pay With a Tweet.

This is a rad little service that allows you to offer a free download of some sort (this could be a single MP3, Zip file of a whole album, a video of you jumping 361 feet on a snowmobile…whatever you want) in exchange for this super fan simply making a post on Facebook or Twitter about you. The coolest thing about this is that you can even pre-fill in the text you want them to say (Eg. “Holy flying monkeys, I just got a free tune, this is the best day of my life"). Simple and free.

Here's how some friends of ours at Roadmap Music are using it with their new song they just wrote for Prince William and Kate. They posted a video of it and then are offering the song for free using Pay With a Tweet. Watch the video below and then feel free to get the song for free using this fancy shmancy little button. If you like how it works, you can do the same with some of your own tunes here.