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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Guitarist for The Dears - Krief at Streaming Cafe

A piece of music can be listened to over and over – understood and loved by its listener. And then the piece is heard live, and another level of understanding and appreciation is opened up. This is indeed true for Krief. Through the live performance of his music, you can see with your own eyes the skill and talent he has as a musician, and the passion he has for his song‐writing as he belts out the heart felt, intensely personal lyrics. Armed with a collection of 10 soul bearing tracks from his latest solo offering, Hundred Thousand Pieces, Krief is ready to hit the road and take his music to the masses. Kicking off in Winnipeg, MB on September 5, he will head west on a nine‐city Canadian tour, bringing his songs to life on the Streaming Cafe stage on Thursday, Sept. 13th..

Guitarist for The Dears, Patrick Krief made his frontman mark with his solo project Black Diamond Bay. The April 2012 release of Hundred Thousand Pieces (Pirates Blend), presented the Montrealer at his finest, with beautifully heartbreaking, cinematic arrangements, and soulful lyrics and songwriting. Though Krief performed almost everything himself during the recording of the album (drums, piano, keys, bass, guitar, percussion, and vocals), he takes to the stage with a full band during his live shows, kicking his ornately instrumental music up a notch, creating a fuller, rocking sound, jam‐packed with soul. Have a look at Krief’s online concert series for a little taste of his music live off the floor.

Hundred Thousand Pieces is a culmination of a journey that began at the knee of his musically inclined uncle, where a young Patrick scratched at the six strings his older self would master. It is an expedition that truly took flight when, influenced by the songbooks of McCartney, Lennon, Harrison and Hendrix, the 13‐year‐old guitar prodigy would sneak into bars around his native Montreal, jamming with their house bands; it is
one that continues to mature with every face‐melting flurry the virtuoso burns into the blown minds of audiences around the world.

Don't miss Krief's live appearance, up close and personal at the Streaming Cafe - Thursday, September 13th. Ticket are $12 in advance and now available online or at the cafe.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Cafe Art Display: Acrylic paintings by Randy Bone

We are very happy to be displaying some amazing Acrylic paintings on our walls by talented local artist Randy Bone. The art will be showcased for the next month at the cafe, so come down and take them in.

Randy Bone - Biography & Artist Statement 
Randy grew up in the North Okanagan and resides in Kelowna. He spent his childhood among nature, and lived on a spacious corner lot fitted with gardens trees, and a workshop; his inspirational sources. Randy’s most referenced of these memories were the moments in time when he sat alone in these environments. He was able to witness the silent business of life cycles, learning by observation, experimentation, and contemplation.

Since early adulthood he has pursued his interests in painting and drawing in a dedicated, self-directed manner. In 2000 he began two years of formal fine arts instruction at OUC, now UBCO in Kelowna.

 He has produced bodies of work in several mediums—these acrylic paintings were influenced by the gaseous nebulae of deep space and lunar impact craters. They delve into the physics and mark-making potential of both the flow of paint and acrylic medium and the physical impact of objects upon the paint medium itself. The materials were applied at varying distances, allowing randomness, natural shaping, gravity and flow.

For an online gallery go to http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.89727753713.105517.675563713&type=3
& for more info contact Randy at:

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Performers | Video Overview

by Michael Donley
One of the perks of the summer months is that we are able to grab some great touring artists that are hitting the festivals and doing some "vacation touring". Once again we are very happy to present quality indie performers this August, so be sure to have a look through their videos, music and all their websites have to offer. Catch a show this month at the cafe and enjoy our new patio in person or if you live out of town check out the live stream - every Saturday night!
If you missed out on a show this last month have a look through clips from all our past shows.
Nuuka & Bed of Stars - AUG 4th - 7pm (PST)
Nuuka is a Kelowna based band who in a very short time of been making waves in the local scene. Known as Indie/Pop/Rockers with strong melodies, catchy hooks and harmonies, Nuuka will have your ears and maybe even your hands and feet.

Bed of Stars is the outlet for the passionate and talented Evan Konrad, a twenty-two-year old prodigy from British Columbia with a flare for sensationalizing the emotive qualities of music. He recently worked with Juno-nominated producer Daniel Victor, the man behind the chart topping collaborative project known as Neverending White Lights. He collaborated with NWL for the video Falling Apart that was nominated for  Video of The Year at the 2012 SiriusXM Indie Awards !

Ali Milner - AUG 11th - 7pm (PST)
Very happy to have to Ali Milner at the cafe - at 21 years old, she has already been recording and performing for eleven years. Ali just completed 8 weeks on the CBC reality television show, Cover Me Canada placing third out of thousands of applicants.

Indio Saravanja w/ Jason Lowe  - AUG 18th 7pm (PST)
Indio Saravanja - born in Argentina and raised in the Canadian North, this one time actor/dancer/singer from a blue collar background (see Billy Elliot) was busking in Montreal subways by the age of fifteen, performing as a street musician in Spain by seventeen, and, at nineteen, doing his first real gig in New York, courtesy of his friend Jeff Buckley. He most recently won First Place at The 2012 Calgary Folk Festival Song Competition.

Special guest Jason Lowe the 23year old composer from Jan Juc Australia, walks his own individual path throughout the arts, and the planet. Currently in Canada, Jason is out to promote and tour his brand new Self titled album for the most part of 6 months or more before then returning home for a long line of touring in his homeland.

Matt Epp & Adrian Glynn -  AUG 25th - 7pm (PST)
Aug 25th is going to be an amazing show from two talented singer/songwriters.
Winnipeg's Matt Epp regards himself as a writer of songs that he describes as "soulful folk." "Matt Epp is simply one of the best of a this new generation of fine songwriters" - Gary Cristall, Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2010

In a music world littered with singer-songwriters, Adrian Glynn stands apart. The Vancouver-based troubadour takes any opportunity to defy convention: he has turned murder ballads into spell-binding, microphone-free serenades, and abandoned the standard rock band setup in favour of suitcase kick drums and clawhammer piano strings.