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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Streaming Cafe 2011 Live Compilation!

by Michael Donley

2011 was a great year for us at Streaming Cafe. Our following has continued to grow, not only online, but in the physical sense at our location in Kelowna. We`ve had the new addition of a liquor licence, our pour over coffee bar and the offering of our premium coffee beans from Oughtred Coffee. Our baristas have pursued with passion to bringing the art of quality coffee to our patrons.

We’ve had the pleasure of partnering and hosting many community Arts events and have displayed numerous artists’ works on our cafe walls. We are elated to have seen the cafe seats full for the 80 established and upcoming indie artists that graced our stage.

One of the projects we've been very excited to work on is the release of tracks from these live performances. As an extension of our mantle “to discover, connect and promote independent artists” , half of all proceeds from these live tunes go directly to the artist`s pockets. This has given fans the opportunity to take of a piece of the live show “home” to enjoy, long after the show has ended.

We`ve put together a snap shot of our live shows in the form the Streaming Cafe 2011 Live Compilation, that is now available for download in our store. It features sixteen artists that have performed in front of our handcrafted wood wall this last year and at only $10 is a great way to support Canadian indie music.

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