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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jordan Klassen featured on Bruce Willis' Latest Film

by Michael Donley
When checking back at some older videos we had posted on YouTube, I came across a few comments. Those comments lead me to find that Jordan Klassen's music was just featured in a new film starring Bruce Willis & Forrest Whitaker, ‘Catch .44’.  The new movie features Jordan's song "Hot Ashes" that he performed at Streaming Cafe in 2010. Some other of Klassen's music has found their ways onto television series' including USA Network’s ‘Royal Pains,’ and the iTunes version of late 90’s TV show ‘Felicity’.

Below is the clip we had posted from his August 2010 show at the cafe. I specifically remember the night of Jordan's performance he barely had a voice left. After sound check, he held his head over a humidifier and sipped tea until he hit the stage. With a bit more rasp in his voice then he might normally have, he still he managed to pull off a solid show.

Jordan is releasing a new EP mid February called "Kindness" and has a free download available on his bandcamp for a limited time. He also has teaser video on his site. http://jordanklassenmusic.com/
Definitely worth checking out!

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