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Friday, August 12, 2011

Sarah Brendel with German yellow stockings

Our friends at TribeHouse posted an article about the Sarah Brendel show the other night so we thought we'd include it here. Isn't that nice?

Sarah Brendel traveled over to our western continent and played a great show at the Streaming Cafe last week. It was a full house and there were several people with little black devices (AKA cameras) capturing the event so we thought we could throw you a visual of the night.

It was musically pretty international with Sarah (German) playing with Graham Ord (representing England on banjo, slide, dobro), Marc Heinen (representing Hollnad on drums, percussion), and an extremely last minute violinist, Michael Fraser (Vancouver). Speaking of impromptu, it's always cool to see risks being taken by artists in a live setting by adding unrehearsed musicians to the set - maybe it's the fear or possibility of a train wreck that adds an element of suspense. In this case, no trains were heard but it was a great night with Daniel Moir opening the set.

SIDE NOTE: I had a really fascinating conversation with Daniel about his philosophy on life and particularly the subject of meditation. Don't you find that if you have some background info on an artist that it totally changes how you hear their music? I do.

Sarah's in the middle of recording a new album which will launch sometime near the end of this year - we'll be posting more about this in the coming months. This new album is particularly intriguing since it has a theme of what it means to be (and live) in community. To further solidify my SIDE NOTE, the fact that Sarah & her family have been living in the TribeHouse community castle in Dresden (Schloss Roehrsdorf) for the past couple of years gives her some authority to sing on this subject... don't ya think?

Visit Sarah Brendel's website. It'll be good for you. And while you're on the internet, why don't you go to Daniel Moir's website as well.

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