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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Download live tracks from Streaming Cafe shows!

by Michael Donley
For over two years now, Streaming Cafe has been streaming free interactive shows and posting clips from those live performances on our site and  YouTube channel.  At the beginning of this year we started multi-tracking these shows giving us the flexibility of re-mixing the audio of each video clip which lead us to the release of our very first full length live album on April 21st "Pat LePoidevin live at Streaming Cafe".  This live album coincided the launch of our new web store, that got us thinking about how we could partner with more artists that have been through the cafe and get some of these amazing live tracks out to fans.

If you've looked anywhere on our site you'll have noticed our tagline "Streaming CafĂ© is a listening room inspired to discover, connect with, and promote independent artists."   

Continuing with the philosophy of connecting and promoting indie music we have partnered with the performing artists to split the proceeds of all these tracks 50/50 with no upfront costs to the artist what so ever. The concept behind this is not as a cash grab for SC, but being huge live music fans ourselves, the idea of offering a piece of these live shows to fans without draining an artist’s pocket is a cool thing .

In an era of perfect auto-tuned production, the idea of all these live tracks were to leave them raw, unedited and real. Giving fans a true glimpse to the artists live and often stripped down intimate show that we have captured at the cafe.

So far we are featuring tracks from Jon Bryant, The Mountains & the Trees, Jonathan Inc., JJ Shiplett, Old Mare, Mark Irving and the Matthew Joel Band.  This is just the beginning of this experiment, so  keep checking back to see what new live tracks are up in our Streaming Cafe store!

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