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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cafe Art Display: Meghan Wise

Streaming Cafe is featuring some amazing art on our walls by the very talented Meghan Wise. These works will be showcased at the cafe for the next month, so be sure to come down to the cafe and take them in.  Visit  Megan's website for more information on her art and online gallery.

Meghan Wise's Bio
My earliest memory of painting is from when I was two. It was a hot summer afternoon. My sister and I were painting on the front steps. Our quiet painting slowly progressed into head to toe body paint. I remember the feel of the brush as it swept over my skin, the tingle and crackle of the paint as it dried. I can remember being completely involved and mesmerized by the freedom and adventurous exploration. I feel that my Mother’s amused and yielding reaction to our impulsive desire also allowed me to keep that sense of freedom and adventure that I still feel today when I paint.
My paintings are physical manifestations of my imagination. They are inward explorations of my emotions, how I perceive humanity, nature, civilization and the small details of the world around
me. Each painting is a pondering daydream or a fixated fascination that is ushered into existence through my being.

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