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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Carrie Harper: Art Display this Friday, May 27th

Streaming Cafe is happy to be hosting an art display this Friday, May 27th featuring original works from local artist Carrie Harper. The "open house" art show will run from 5pm to 9pm and will also include tunes from "Groove Lounge", local up and coming DJ's.

Carrie Harper is a mixed Media artist living in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Carrie is a student of all things Art and Spirituality, in fact she believes that those things are one and the same. Carrie is inspired by Frida Khalo, Georgia O'keefe, Suzi Blu, Kelly Rae Roberts, Somerset Studio and her guardian Angels. Most of all she is amazed and inspired by her two children Chloe and Mitch.

Carrie Harper studied at The Alberta College of Art and Design in the early 1990’s and through this experience she discovered her own language of creativity. She appreciated learning a sense of self as well as technical know-how. Art school fed right into her fascination with many creative modes and she immersed herself into any medium available; textiles, ceramics, photography, drawing, art history and more. As a painter this childlike love of process shows up in her many different styles. Carrie uses Watercolors, acrylics, oils and pastels as well as other drawing mediums and with each discovers another facet of art making.

For Carrie art is the experience of expression rather than slotting into specific medium or subject. Carrie believes that good art stirs memories and personal meaning and that may not always ‘be liked’ (based on the adage, "I know what I like"). She often draws on images of growing up at her family’s Okanagan Mission orchard, vineyard and winery. Carrie creates her art at her studio in Downtown Kelowna.

Check out Carrie's webpage (http://www.thepearworkshop.com) and be sure to like her on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/carrieharperartist)!

Here's an interview video from Tribehouse Artist Collective showing off her studio and the really unique ipad / ipod covers she makes from her original artwork.

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