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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


March sees a return of Treelines to the Streaming Café (no, not just because it’s close to spring and the snow will be melting on the mountains; this is the band we’re talking about). Everyone loved them the first time they appeared back in August of 2009, and the response was just as good when they played a second time in January of 2010.

Right after their 2010 appearance, one of the band’s songs was featured as CBC Radio3’s “Song of the day”, and the CBC host said the song (Canadian Airlines) was “…a little nugget of Kelowna gold… it says more about Canada in a mere three minutes than a three-hour throne speech ever could.”

This time around the band is sporting a new drummer, and for this show their format will be more of a stripped-down acoustic set compared to their previous appearances. Treelines bassist Steve Lockhart likes the acoustic format. “It’s something that we enjoy doing,” he says, “showing a different side of our band.” Highlights of the band’s earlier appearances are viewable in Streaming Café’s ‘previous shows’ section of the website.

Lockhart’s brother, Matt, penned most of the music on the band’s first album. Their new EP “Young Man”, released this past summer, showcases Treelines’ current collaborative approach to songwriting, and reviews suggest the new approach is working well. CBC’s North by Northwest says: “This album is summer listening at its finest. It opens with a song that just sounds right on Friday afternoons after escaping from work, class, or whatever your business be….This album is brief but fantastic.”

Here, in the middle of winter, thoughts of summertime are well received. Treelines will be appearing in a mid-week slot, rather than on our normal Saturday show day, and tickets are available at the Café for $10 each. As with all our ticketed events, there are only 40 tickets available, so if you don’t want to miss Treelines make sure you get your tickets well ahead of time.

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