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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kevin Kane (Grapes of Wrath)

  In almost every town – even the backward ones – there are urban legends, stories, myths circling around about the special ones; the ones who’ve made it, the ones who have broken free of the bonds of earth and risen to stratospheric levels. Some of the stories are true, or mostly true. Sometimes they’re not.
  In Kelowna, home of Streaming Café, one of the special ones the stories are told about is Kevin Kane. Kane and his friends Chris and Tom left Kelowna to build a successful career in Vancouver and beyond with their band Grapes of Wrath. Every musician and songwriter wants to have a gold or platinum album in their repertoire; Kevin’s got one of each. Every kid growing up in Kelowna, it seemed, tried to find the connection between themselves and the Hooper brothers or Kane. There was a bit of a kafuffle when Grapes released their song Backward Town, with the lyrics and video dissing Kelowna, but forgiveness had to eventually granted if the connection to the special ones was to be maintained.
  Now Kane is leaving town again. This time he’s off to Toronto in order to more intentionally pursue his solo career. His last few years have been spent more as a producer than a performing artist, but his heart has always been in singing his own songs. Kevin Kane will be at Streaming Café August 21st for his ‘farewell to Kelowna’
show, and he’ll be answering questions from both in-house and online viewers. Check it out – it’s your chance to say goodbye.

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