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Monday, July 12, 2010

Jon Bryant & Gabrielle Papillon

Jon Bryant stirred up a great deal of interactive traffic when he and Gabrielle Papillon blitzed through Streaming Café the last weekend in June. So did Gabrielle.

The online posts aimed at Jon seemed to be from a lot of his family and friends; it’s obvious he’s got a lot of support from folks who like teasing him and poking a bit of good-natured humour his way – and who were excited to get a chance to see their Jon online, live, in real-time. Comments came in from before the show started until right at the very end – there were even some that came in once the replay had started.

Gabrielle’s posts were focused on her wonderful voice and songwriting ability. It was abundantly clear that she had made an excellent impact on online viewers, and they felt compelled to comment on it.

After a live show we webcast the replay for at least 24 hours. At 9:00 the next morning, during the rebroadcast of The Bryant/Papillon show, there was a comment from “cb” – ‘listening to the replay of Bryant and Papillon. Both are awesome!’; even at 5:45 the next evening “choni” added, “Just tuned in for the first time and am really enjoying this. His voice is nurturing.”

It’s great when artists make an impact beyond their fan base. We like to think that Streaming Café can help make that happen, so it was encouraging to see the amount of on-site interactive comments from people who liked the show.

Here are a couple of videos from the show… hope you like ‘em as much as the online commentators did!

Jon Bryant "Deaf"

Gabrielle Papillion "One Small Frame"

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