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Monday, March 29, 2010

Maria In The Shower on a Friday Night...

    I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when Maria In The Shower joined us this past Friday.  I had seen videos, I listened to their myspace, and I had checked out their bio, so I had an idea of what they were about as a band – but the puzzle wasn’t really complete until I saw them perform.  Maria In The Shower seems to have one goal in mind behind everything they put into their live show;  the outfits, the stage visuals (I say visuals because I feel that “props” has an unfair ‘Gwar’ connotation), the energy, the music, & even the stage banter are all driving towards one key concept: showmanship.  
    I’m not sure exactly how to convey the ‘Maria In The Shower’ recipe in words.  I think it would start with “the Looney Tunes doing an American crooner sketch” but adapted for a slightly more mature audience.  It’s tough to stick the music in a specific genre, but if I was going to I would put it like this:  theatrical roots with tendencies toward blues, ballads, & 1940’s American pop.  The reason the variety in genres works for them is because they make it work for them.  Everything is tied together by an unflinching commitment to the ‘Maria In The Shower’ entity.  There’s a certain tongue-in-cheek, dark sense of humor behind the whole act.  
   You, The Streaming Cafe Blog reader, may find it shocking to find that I am actually most passionate about hardcore & metalcore music.  I write it more then any other genre, I listen to it more then any other genre, & I’ve been influenced by it more then any other genre.  I was drawn into that genre by loud high-energy shows where the band pours all of its energy into the music.  In some ways, ‘Maria In The Shower’ brought me back to that same high-energy draw.  It might not have the same raw power as the heavier genres, but for having an acoustic guitar, an accordion, & a trumpet as lead instruments, these guys keep the energy high throughout the whole night.  The end result is one very entertaining show, so keep your eye out for ‘Maria In The Shower’ ‘cause it’s definitely worth your while.

Maria In The Shower is touring in the coming months, so be on the lookout!

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