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Monday, March 22, 2010


  On March 6th we hosted one of Canada’s up-and-coming bright young stars, Adaline.  This was one of my favorite shows of the ones I’ve been personally involved in.  There is something very satisfying about mixing such an intimate setting: just her and her piano.  I think it also serves as a great way to get to know an artist better, which is one of the cool things about The Streaming Cafe; there are often opportunities not only to discover new artists but to discover a different side of an artist.


   Operating out of Vancouver, Adaline has drawn influence from a wide selection of music & genres.  When you listen to her repertoire you can hear that each song is fresh, and yet from one song to the next there is a fluency and connectivity.  The influence in her songs may come from many different genres of  music but it is defined by one unique character.  Her music all comes from the same place: passion and experience.   It has a tendency to put you in a specific time and place, creating a visual soundscape where you can get lost in a song.  From the moody ‘Meaningless Meetings’ to the more uptempo ‘Whiter/Straighter’, there is a rich energy within the music that captivates her audience.
   So with that, it’s not surprising that Adaline has been busy this past year: Canadian Music Week, Junofest, Western Canadian Music Awards, Peak Performance Project, and a video in the Much More Music Top 10.  It doesn’t seem like things will be letting up much in the coming year, either; she is set to record a new album, will be appearing at many of the things she was involved in last year, and of course will be touring.  Maybe it’s her catchy songs, her vintage flair, her professional drive, her unique character - or maybe it’s all of these things which make it seem as though Adaline will be adored by an ever-growing audience.

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