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Thursday, February 4, 2010

David Wilcox's Musical Medicine.

David Wilcox, a great folk singer from the States, is an amazing performer and poet. We had the pleasure of hosting David in the early days of the cafe. His intimate performance was captivating, spiritual and life giving, yet it had its more light hearted side. We have a podcast out this week featuring David which you can download on Itunes just search for "Streaming Cafe." Here is the funnier side of David, as he does the voice over for our Friends over at Sayvee.

But on the more serious note Davidwilcox.com has this amazing section which he calls Musical Medicine. It's really an cool thing. He's listed a bunch of his songs by mood, so you can listen to all David's song on love, heartbreak, addiction, etc. This is really worth checking out. Here is the link: http://davidwilcox.com/?page=cds&category=01--MUSICAL_MEDICINE&display=2006

From the musical medicine section entitled "inspiration for these economic hard times" here is David Wilcox from his performance at the Streaming Cafe. 

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