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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

James Lamb

I found myself checking out the Vancouver indie music scene and stumbled upon ronatron.net a sweet blog with articles and show reviews on tons of Vancouver bands. On the homepage I noticed a "top ten artists" and as I scrolled down I was very pleased to see 3 Streaming Cafe artist's in the top 10: The Painted Birds, James Lamb and David Blair. very cool. 

As I began reading reviews and exploring the site I stopped at "Erica Mah and James Lamb at the Railway Club." Enticed by Ronatron's great writing, I noticed that the review captured many of the same thoughts I'd had when James Lamb and band played at the Streaming Cafe. From the "beautiful melodies and memorable lyrics" to James Lamb's ability to "inspire others to craft their own art, and his inviting personality on stage make it easier for others to believe they can follow in his footsteps." Check out http://www.ronatron.net/erica-mah-and-james-lamb-at-the-railway-club/ for the full show review. 

For those of you that missed the show, check out this video of James Lamb,

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