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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas and New Year's with Streaming Cafe

We've had a great few weeks at the Streaming Cafe. We've been slowly adding to our production, marketing and booking teams starting from a small group of 3. The energy in the office is building and all of us are excited to bring Christmas and New Year's shows.

Our Christmas show we've been working on for a few months. We've collected Christmas songs after the live shows from many of the artists that played this fall. Starting on the 21st of December we will have a Christmas show featuring all of these songs.

On December 31st at 5pm PST we will start our New Year's show which will be a look back at the great moments at the Streaming Cafe in 2009. We'll have some amusing anecdotes from our lovely hosts as well as some of the more comical moments we've experienced in our first few months of operation.

In the New Year, we have some great acts booked, and some returning favourites. Returning to the Streaming Cafe in January we have Treelines, David Blair, Fields of Green and Redgy Blackout. We also have new comers Jodi Pederson and Andrew Allen.

Keep your eyes and ears on our site in the next month as we are unveiling some very cool new features.

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  1. http://storage.canoe.ca/v1/blogs-prod-static/mediam/MTVpersonalitiesDarynJonesandPaultheIntern.jpg

    Is this you and that new guy Mike? Looks like it, cool didn't know you worked for MTV before the Cafe.
    Anyways love your blog.


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