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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Liam Titcomb with Brent Titcomb

Well it's been busy at the Streaming Cafe the last couple weeks. Last friday Loren, a folk artist from Australia, put on an amazing concert at the end of his Canadian tour. We are now getting ready to host Liam Titcomb with Brent Titcomb (Lee Harvey Osmond): Two very accomplished musicians playing together in support of WarChild.
I've been listening almost everyday to Rich Terfry on CBC radio 2 drive. He's known as a member of Buck 65 but he's got a knack for putting on a great radio show. He puts together an eclectic mix of indie folk, roots, rock and RnB music. What I like about the show is that Rich often tells you where the artist he's playing are playing live that night all across Canada. I heard Lee Harvey Osmond, a great alt-country band with Brent Titcomb and Tom Wilson (ikons in the Canadian music scene), was playing in Kelowna just down the road from my house. Now Brent's joining Liam Titcomb at the Streaming Cafe.
Check out the show sometime (now on the cbc iphone app around the world) and on the CBC radio 2 weekdays from 330pm to 7pm local time.
Abandin All Hope, a punk band from Fort McMurray, is with us this friday and Liam and Brent Titcomb will put on the show Saturday in benefit of WarChild. It's going to be a great weekend at the Streaming Cafe. All the shows start at 8pm Pacific.
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