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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

David Blair and Treelines

This weekend we had some awesome shows at the cafe. Friday was packed out, spilling on to the street, and Treelines put on a great show. Treelines are a talented group for sure and the audience got a great show. And Treelines were the first to play on our brand new website.

For more of them check out www.treelinesmusic.com.

On Saturday we had David Blair with Paisley Jura in their first show together. A collage of styles made for a very interesting show. Check out this cool music for David Blair's song "Hurt So Hard."
He also has some cool video blogs at www.youtube.com/davidblairmusic

David Blair is a great example of an artist who taken advantage of the web 2.0 world. He's got tones of videos on youtube with him covering all kinds of artists and playing his own songs. A great marketing campaign for sure. David Blair's been touring his but off for the last two months and is just about to finish up his tour.

Check out David Blair's concert with Paisley Jura on our website.

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Mr. Producer

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