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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cafe Art Display: Kristen Amy Cresswell

We are very happy to be displaying some amazing works on our cafe walls by the talented Kristen Amy Cresswell . Her art will be showcased for the next month, so come down and take them in. Visit Kristen's  facebook page for more information on her art.

Kristen Amy Cresswell was born in 1986 and raised in the Dutch dairy-farming community of Southern Ontario. In 2006 she made the move to Kelowna, BC where she now calls home! Living in two beautiful provinces has been a key inspiration to what she creates.

She has always found art in the things around her. A few of her earliest memories include making dandelion crowns during a baseball game, braiding strands of straw into little dolls, and drawing on her brand new jeans in ink during the ride home on the school bus, which her mom didn't quite appreciate as much as Kristen enjoyed doing it. Creating art has always been a vital part of her life.

Kristen is a self-taught artist who isn't afraid of colour. She pairs bright & bold colours with sharp clean lines. Her current fascination is with sunlight and how it affects the colours we see. The lack of light voiding the subject of colour, and the light during different times of day sometimes changing the colour itself! The result is beautiful, full-of-life, spectacularly coloured paintings.

This year, Kristen has shown her work at both Bean Scene coffee shops in January and May, at Art In The Park in August, at the Riot On The Roof event in August and now at Streaming Cafe for September.

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