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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Matt Epp and Adrian Glynn

by Malcolm Petch
August 25th marks one of Streaming Café’s two-artist shows, a new tradition for us here at SC. Many-appearance Adrian Glynn from Vancouver will be paired with Winnipeg’s Matt Epp.

Matt Epp has hit the ground running over the last several years. Rather than eking along as a part-time musician and part-time something else-that-pays-the-bills, Epp chose to dive in with both feet and both hands, writing, recording, and touring full-time. Five albums over nine years, with a new one in the works, have given Epp a repertoire of original music that rivals any ‘big-label’ artist.

He’s also got one of the coolest websites I’ve seen for a singer/songwriter (http://www.mattepp.com).

There’s a greater pop sensibility in Epp’s songs than there is in a lot of artists who identify themselves as folkies (and Epp does identify himself amongst that genre: he calls his songs “soulful folk”).  Pop sensibilities? Yes. The tunes have memorable hooks both musically and lyrically, and they’re recorded for the most part with fairly fully fleshed-out full-band arrangements. Perhaps rock sensibilities would be a better term, but the angelic background vocals and string parts on several tracks would survive better in the pop world than they would in the rock world.  Epp’s bio describes him as liking Dylan, Young, Cohen, and Jonathan Richman, and seeing himself in their tradition, and that is evident in his songs; but there are definitely more contemporary elements as well in Epp’s arrangements and vocal stylings. I would even say I heard shades of Coldplay as I listened, but I wouldn’t want to be insulting to Matt (and I wouldn’t want to admit that I know what Coldplay sound like…). Fact is, I really liked Matt’s songs as I went through them to get to know him and his art.

Again about the website: if you’d like to get a good understanding of what drives Matt Epp, check out his music right on his website. You’ll see what I mean about the coolness of his site, and as the music cascades from track to track you’ll be hard pressed to not click on the ‘buy on iTunes’ link…

Matt Epp is a true artist, dedicated to his craft as a performer and songwriter. An evening of his music would be a wonderful way to spend a Saturday night.

Adrian Glynn has spent time at SC on several occasions in the past, each time in a slightly different guise. His song “Bruise” is showcased on his Previous Performances page, and the video is an example of the work ethic Adrian brings to his music: while other artists would perhaps bring a stomp box to add rhythm to their guitar playing, Adrian brought a full kick drum to bang on while he was playing and singing.

Glynn is known for his ballads and intriguing lyrics. In 2010, part of Glynn’s touring involved musical and literary events in the UK, and the Word! Festival in Leicester described his show as “…funny, charming, and shockingly brilliant… the lyrics are poems, and the performance astonishing.” CBC Radio3 host Grant Lawrence named Adrian Glynn as his “act to see” at the Pop Okanagan festival in 2011.

Anyone who’s seen Adrian Glynn at SC will rightfully expect a solid and engaging performance by this stage veteran. Coupled with Matt Epp, this will be a night well worth the entrance fee (and yes, of course, this show is free… but it’d still be worth it even if you had to pay for the tickets!). Live in-person and online at 7pm, Saturday, August 25th. 

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