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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald Live Online!

MBF, or Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, first blew through Streaming Café as part of the Breakout West music festival in October of 2010. He took the stage with a drummer and backing guitarist, and, along with his trademark “flower-on-the-headstock-of-his-guitar”, proceeded to play an energetic set that had the crowd literally up and dancing. By the end of the set our producer was hard-pressed to find a camera angle that could capture MBF, because the dancing hordes had surrounded the stage and were cutting off views of Fitzgerald from all sides. And the term ‘dancing hordes’ is not a fluffy non-accurate description written to spice up an otherwise dreary paragraph; the room was packed, and there were frenetic dancing bodies filling virtually every square foot of the space around MBF.

Endearing Calgary singer/songwriter Michael Bernard Fitzgerald is returning with a new album/EP combo. The "Side A" album portion of the project, Yes, comes out on April 24th with the more intimate "Side B" EP will be coming out in conjunction with his national tour.

Michael hits the road and Kelowna music lovers will get a special treat at MBF’s Saturday, February 25th show at the Streaming Café.  If you live out of town and make make it down be sure to watch the show streamed FREE live online @ http://streamingcafe.net/.  Viewers anywhere in the world can enjoy direct and personal interaction with MBF via the live chat.

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