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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Streaming Cafe and Castanet Streaming Mayoral Debate

Streaming Cafe is partnering with local go-to news source Castanet to bring a mayoral debate live streamed to Kelowna voters.  It’s a bit off path from our norm of streaming indie music but we believe it’s a great avenue to support the community by helping voters to make educated decisions on who to cast their ballet at.  
The debate will not be streamed on our website but you can take part and watch @ http://www.castanet.net where online and emailed questions will be taken. 
Come down in person if you are in Kelowna to the cafe and take in the evening in person.

Here’s  an article from Castanet about the evening.

by Wayne Moore 
For the first time during this election campaign, you'll have a chance to hear candidates running for mayor debate the issues live through your computer.
Castanet.net will be hosting a mayoral forum Thursday night from the Streaming Cafe begining at 7 p.m., Castanet has teamed up with The Streaming Cafe to produce and broadcast the forum to give everyone a chance to see and hear the candidates.
Incumbant Sharon Shepherd along with challengers Ken Chung, Cal Condy and Walter Gray will be in attendance.
Kim Ouellette, who is also running for mayor, will not be at the forum. She is not taking part for health reasons.
Each candidate will be given an opportunity to make a brief opening statement followed by a question and answer period.
Questions will come from Castanet reporters and members of the general public.
If you have a question you would like relayed to the candidates, please forward them to news@castanet.net.
Please indicate which candidate you would like the question directed to.
During the live show you can also send in e-mails to news@castanet and tweet questions to: @CastanetNews

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