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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Video Overview of October Shows

by Michael Donley
We've got a packed month of music for October with over a dozen acts playing our room.
I've put together a few clips and short description of each artists so you can get to know a bit more about them. Happy listening!

OCTOBER 1st – Snailhouse
Very happy to have a solo performace from Snailhouse at the cafe on October 1st. Feuerstack is a singer/songwriter and guitarist who works on his own music and contributes greatly to the projects of others. He plays guitar in the band Wooden Stars, which won a Juno with Julie Doiron for their alternative album Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars. Snailhouse, the full band version, has included Gara on drums and fellow Arcade Fire alumnus Sarah Neufeld on violin. Mike Feuerstack has toured extensively with both Catherine MacClellanand Olympic Symphonium Feuerstack is part of the band Bell Orchestre. Feuerstack/Snailhouse’s album Lies on the Prize was nominated for a 2009 Polaris prize.

OCTOBER 8th – The Crooked Brothers
The Crooked Brothers are known for their diverse instrumentation, vocal arrangements, and a fascination with the past. Even their name has a contemplative, seasoned aura about it. “The brothers part of our name relates to the archetypical bluegrass, folk, family band idea. We’re essentially brothers every way but biologically,” explains The Crooked Brothers’ Jesse Matas. “The crooked part is derived from a book we all read called “Ironweed” by William Kennedy. He used the term “crooked” to described people after they’ve died. He says ‘they’ve gone crooked’, or ‘he was all crooked’. It seemed to fit with our band. One of our original goals was to see beauty in everything including death.”

OCTOBER 14th & 15th– POP Okanagan Music Festival - Two Nights, 8 bands of live streamed indie music!
POP Okanagan (www.popokanagan.com) builds on the triumph of BreakOut West and gives it a distinctly Valley feel, with as many of the artists as possible coming from right here in the Okanagan (with a few stragglers from that little V-town down in the Fraser Valley).
FRIDAY NIGHT LINEUP: Maurice | Portage & Main | RedBird | Jayson Bendera
SATURDAY NIGHT LINEUP: Sidney York | Steph Macpherson | Zaac Pick | Kate Morgan
Here's a few videos from some of the performers that will be performing that have performed at the cafe in past.

OCTOBER 22nd – Ryan McAllister & Daniel Huscroft
Daniel Huscroft is no stranger to Streaming Café, having played our venue back in November of 2010. This time around he’s bringing Ryan McAllister, a producer and songwriter from the Lower Mainland.

OCTOBER 29th – David Simard, Steel Audrey & Hannah Epperson
David Simard - Described as an avant-garde folk singer, David has been getting some due attention. His name recently appeared on the Montreal Mirror's list for “Best Country/Folk Act” 2009.

Steel Audrey from Vancouver BC is a rowdy-roots-folk band singing over-embellished tales of seedy characters, set to a gritty and energetic live performance.

With loop pedal, fiddle and voice, Hannah Epperson creates intricate and moving musical landscapes. As a talented collaborative artist, she’s been on the road and recorded with Canada’s Miss Emily Brown; performed with Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party, and in Vancouver she is a regular at Café Montmartre, opens for local bands at the Anza and other clubs, and has collaborated with theatrical, visual and musical artists including Zachary Gray of The Zolas.

As always if you can't make it out to the cafe in Kelowna to watch these shows in-person, watch them streamed live online at 7pm and send in your questions directly to the artists via our live chat.

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