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Friday, August 26, 2011

Ben Caplan EXCLAIM article

by Michael Donley

 If you haven't heard of Halifax's Ben Caplan before, you soon will. His intense powerhouse vocals and burly look definitely has him standing out from the crowd.  He lead me to think, If Grizzly Adams was a musician I think it would be Ben Caplan (minus the bear).

 We are very happy to be a hosting Ben Caplan & the Casual Smokers for his performance at the cafe on Saturday, December 3rd ... sure to be a great show!

Premier music paper and site EXCLAIM, just posted an article about his upcoming debut full-length release, In the Time of the Great Remembering from Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers. In the article Ben talks about his line-up of musicians, "I'm a songwriter spoiled by excellent musicians. We're usually a five-piece, but we have gone as big as 11. I live to perform with people who can play their asses off, so bringing together a group of the best talent I could find was top priority."

Have a look at the EXCLAIM article!

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