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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Video Overview of August Shows

August brings us a packed line-up of performances from within our Canadian borders and beyond. We start the month off in a big way with a double bill show. From Germany, the amazing Sarah Brendel performs along with young indie folkster Daniel Moir from Vancouver. A staple of CBC radio, Montreal’s Charlotte Cornfield performs Aug 13th, and Aug 20th brings established Nashville singer/songwriter Matt Beckler with special guest Andrea Gauster from Kingston, ON. Wrappin’ up the summer month is electrifying Montreal guitarist Cécile Doo-Kingué.

We’ve put together a video overview so you can get to know this month's performers.

AUGUST 6th - Sarah Brendel and Daniel Moir
Sarah Brendel and Daniel Moir are each veterans of the Streaming Café stage (which consists, as you know, of blank floor space in front of the wood wall). Brendel is a petite young lady from Germany who seems, at first glance, like any other demure folk artist. About three seconds after she attacks her music with voracious and vibrant energy, however, that initial impression is quickly corrected: Brendel leaves nothing behind when she shares her music with the world.

Vancouver marks home base for Daniel Moir, a young Canadian who makes his third visit to Streaming Café on August 6th, this time with Sarah Brendel. Moir’s debut EP, the Country and the Sea, charted on college radio and launched a song onto the season finale of NBC’s medical drama, Mercy.

AUGUST 13th - Charlotte Cornfield
Joni Mitchell is an obvious influence on Charlotte Cornfield, at least according to some of the melodies she puts out. Be sure to catch “the next it-girl of folk rock“ and check out the blog we did on Charlotte Confield.

CHARLOTTE CORNFIELD - Harbord & Grace from Mitch Fillion (southernsouls.ca) on Vimeo.

AUGUST 20th - Matt Beckler with special quest Andrea Gauster
Matt Beckler hails from Nashville TN via Columbus OH, and hits Streaming Café on August 20. An indie folk-pop-acoustic blues singer/songwriter who deftly steps outside the lines of genre typecasting, Beckler’s music has fed the soundtracks of TV shows including Alias, One Tree Hill, Life As We Know It, Felicity, Smallville, and America’s Next Top Model. Beckler’s appearance at Streaming Café will be alongside Kingston-based Canadian new-folk singer/songwriter Andrea Gauster.

AUGUST 20th - Cécile Doo-Kingué
Considered one of Montreal’s most electrifying guitarists by local press and groove aficionados, Cécile Doo-Kingué blends blues, soul and afro-folk to create a unique sound. Check out the feature we wrote on Cécile.

As always if you can't make it out to the cafe in Kelowna to watch these shows in-person, watch them streamed live online at 7pm and send in your questions directly to the artists via our live chat.

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