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Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Performers: video overview

by Michael Donley

Independent music is live and well in Canada and this month is proof. Here's a brief overview of this months performing artists with a video clip so you can check 'em out.

When you hear Zaac Pick on Saturday (or when you heard him, if June 4th is behind us at the point you’re reading this), you’ll perhaps find yourself thinking he sounds/sounded familiar.

“Hey, this young man sounds familiar.”

And of course he does, we’ll answer, because he played here in February of last year.

“No, that’s not it. I wasn’t here when he played before, but he still sounds familiar. One song, in particular, sounded very familiar indeed.”

Ahh!, we’ll say. That’s because we made special arrangements with Zaac to use a clip of his music in our online show intro. If you’ve watched any of our shows online over the last few months you would have heard that clip.

You can tell we like Zaac around here. That’s why we picked one of his songs to be our tag-line audio sample.

Zaac has been really active lately, working on finishing a new album and doing a bit of touring to test out some of the new music. We’ve strategically placed ourselves near the end of his little tour so that all the new music is well-rehearsed before we hear it.

Some of the tracking for this new album took place in Nimbus Studios in Vancouver, courtesy of SHORE-104, a Vancouver radio station. Zaac won their “Sounds of Summer Song Search” contest with his song “My Century”, and part of the prize awarded was some time in the Nimbus inner rooms. Interestingly, some of the judges for the contest were Bruce Allen, Terry McBride, and Sam Feldman, all three of whom are heavyweights in the Canadian and North American music scene.

We really wouldn’t be surprised to see Zaac get catapulted suddenly to international fame and fortune. Not just because his music is great (which it is), and not even because Allen, McBride, and Feldman have all heard his stuff and liked it (which they have); more because we here at Streaming Café know a good thing when we hear it – and because we’ve re-booked Zaac Pick to play this coming Saturday, June 4th. If you can’t be here in person, check us out online. And see if you don’t like that show-opening audio sample!

Listening to prairie girl Kayla Luky it is easy to see why her voice is often compared to country folk icon Emmylou Harris.  Luky’s latest album "The Time it Takes" marks not only a homecoming for the young songstress, but a complete countrification of her sound.

Singer-songwriters T. Buckley and Jessica Leger combined with their love of the Rockies and old country duets form the duo, Buck & Jess. Experienced solo performers and songwriters in their own right, the two combine their original material to bring audiences impressively strong and varied sets of fresh yet timeless melodies.

If you were watching Streaming Cafe during BreakOutWest back in Oct.'10 you will definitely remember the wicked performance from Dojo Workhorse. A couple members from that band are performing in a different form as Raleigh. Raleigh is the labour of love of Calgary based musicians Brock Geiger (of The Dudes & Dojo Workhorse), Matt Doherty (of Axis of Conversation & This City Defects) and Clea Anaïs (of the Consonant C & Dojo Workhorse).  Raleigh’s debut album, 'New Times in Black and White' is driven by a collaborative approach at songwriting. Combining deviant percussion and the melodic nuance of cello, guitar, and piano, an intricate musical narrative has been created.

SHOT AT THE DARK - Raleigh from Shot at The Dark on Vimeo.

Calgary's Michael Bernard Fitzgerald has just released his new live album "I'm working on a studio release but in the mean time I thought I would put out a recording of us playing live in a big room with friends”  He's celebrating the release by performing a special MATINÉE show at the cafe at 3pm. This will be a good time, be sure to check it out!
For ticket info click here.

Grey Kingdom is the solo-artist stage name of Spencer Burton, a singer songwriter from Ontario. Also keeping busy as a member of the Canadian indie band Attack in Black, it’s obvious Burton can express himself in a wide range of musical styles.
Young Wife is the touring name of Allie Torrance, a singer songwriter from Saint Catherines, Ontario. She classifies herself as Grunge/Minimalist/Psychedelic, and sounds a little like an energetic Julie Doiron.

The Grey Kingdom- Wood & Wires Live from Adrian Vieni (Wood & Wires) on Vimeo.

You can catch all these shows in-person at the cafe or interact with all the artists through our live chat and watch live online @ http://streamingcafe.net

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