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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our First Live CD...now available!

by Malcolm Petch
In case you didn’t notice (what with all the talk last month about Pat LePoidevin’s reappearance at the café for an album release party), we have released our first-ever CD recorded at the Café!

Pat LePoidevin Live at Streaming Café was released April 21, in conjunction with Pat’s show at the café that same night. Available in physical form at Streaming Café (as a CD, in other words), you can also find the album online as a digital download.

Needless to say, we’re pleased as punch with this Pat project. We truly hope it’s a harbinger of many things to come. Fans who have purchased the album have been torn between having a physical copy of Pat LePoidevin Live… which gives them the album jacket with its artwork, but which also means they have to go into the Café to purchase it (and often end up enjoying a luscious beverage at the same time) or having a digital copy that is so easy to find and download from iTunes, CD Baby, Zunior or Streaming Cafe's own store!

This might help your decision: purchasing the album from our Streaming Café online store page gives you the music PLUS a digital copy of the liner art AND a video highlight of the live show.

Encompassing tracks from Pat’s previous albums and his new one, Highway Houses, this album serves as a great example of how enjoyable a live show is with this distinctive artist. Pat LePoidevin Live at Streaming Café captures an evening of live music and banter with one of Canada’s finest young artists – sorry to make you decide between physical and digital formats, but the agony of choice is worth it!

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