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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Roadmap music streams from Memphis!

Our friends at Roadmap music are going south to the International Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis, TN and streaming their showcases live online...tune in!
Roadmap songwriters are heading to Graceland! Join Roadmap songwriters Norm StraussAndrew SmithZach Smith,Graham OrdNico Boesten, and Kim McMechan as Roadmap Music presents two showcases at the International Folk Alliance Conference held at the Marriott Hotel in Memphis Tennessee. Roadmap will also be hosting special guests Vicki Genfan, Billy Crockett, Grace Pettis, Beth Wood, Cliff Eberhardt and Chris Mclean. And here’s an even cooler part… if you can’t make it to Memphis to be there for the show you can still be part of the audience as we will be streaming all shows live right here on the blog!
Friday night’s showcase will be starting at 11 pm CST ( 9 pm in British Columbia) and go until 3:00 AM  and will feature the full Roadmap Band in concert as well as our special guests. We will also be featuring Roadmap’s famous ‘William and Kate’ song sung by Kim McMechan and the RM band. Wed, Thurs, and Saturday night’s showcases will be in the same time slot but it will be a more intimate concert in the Roadmap Hotel Room Showcase. Don’t miss this soul filling event! You can watch it all live for free here….see you in the Southland.

Roadmap Guerrilla Room 1706
Wed, Thurs, & Saturday Night (Feb. 16, 17, 19)  CST
11:00 pm-Norm Strauss
11:30 pm-Andrew & Zach Smith
12:00 am-Nico
12:30 am-Graham Ord
1:00 am-Kim McMechan
1:30 am-TBA
2:00 am-Songwriters in the round-Andrew and Zach Smith, Chris Mclean, Vicki Genfan, Norm Strauss
Natchez Room
Friday Night (Feb. 18)  CST
11:00 pm-The Roadmap Band (Norm Strauss, Andrew Smith, Graham Ord, Kim McMechan)
12:00 am-Blue Rock Songwriters In the Round. Billy Crockett, Beth Wood, Cleff Eberhardt, Grace Pettis
1:00  am-The Roadmap Band
2:00  am- Songwriters in the Round – Vicki Genfan, Andrew & Zach Smith
Watch it live here…

Watch live streaming video from tribehouse at livestream.com

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