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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ramping up for an action packed Year! - Pat LePoidevin & Ari Neufeld Performances

 We've had a great start to the new year here at Streaming Cafe.  Both the Pat LePoidevin concert on Jan 8th and Ari Neufeld this last weekend  felt electric with shoulder to shoulder packed shows.
   Word spread about Pat from the last time he performed at the cafe in March of last year and he didn`t disappoint. Creating a wall of sound with the use of the loop pedal, he his layered vocals, AC guitar and ukulele, making it easy to connect with his easily assessable songs. It was really cool to see comments coming in from our online audience from across the globe, Australia, US and even Pat`s father was watching from China ( I guess we were able to pass China`s stringent internet censorship!).
Pat LePoidevin`s performance at the cafe Jan. 8th
   The talented Ari Neufeld was looking for feedback on his tunes from the audience as he was preparing to go into the studio to record his first ``pro`` EP.  He gave the audience set lists and asked for honest feed back on favorite or not so favorite songs in hopes of putting a solid album together.  Ari has performed at the cafe a few times in the past and was happily surprised by the positive crowd response!

  Thanks to everyone who tuned in online or came down to the cafe, we`re looking forward to a great year of music at Streaming Cafe!
Here`s some videos from Jan 8th and 15th.

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