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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A New Generation of Canadian Independent Folk

 Catherine MacLellan and The Olympic Symphonium performed an amazing show to a packed audience at the Streaming Cafe this last Saturday. The two week tour took these two acts to the west coast, had been an idea of theirs for some time and we were privileged to be part of it!

   The Olympic Symphonium's multi-instrumental abilities and precise harmonies reminded me of why I love Canadian music so much.  They have a honest, rustic/roots sound that seems to connect to the next generation of folk lovers. The concept for this band was a quiet escape from their accustomed high-energy rock/pop projects - to focus more on the subtle, gentler side of music - a concept definitely achieved!

   CBC radio staple Catherine MacLellan, gave us an intimate solo performance as well as being backed by her travel mates OS that added a cool new dynamic.  Catherine's live performance felt approachable and drew me in from her first note.  She has a keen ability to communicate her song ideas through sweet melodies reminiscent of Emmy Lou Harris.  Now having seen her live I fully understand why she was awarded "Solo Artist of the Year" at the "2009 Canadian Folk Music Awards".

Check out a couple songs from the night below...

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