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Monday, March 1, 2010

Catherina Maclellan, Olympic Symphonium & The Great Canadian Song Quest

We’ve got an exciting show coming up on May 8th featuring Catherine Maclellan & Olympic Symphonium.   Catherine Maclellan is the 2009 recipient of the ‘Solo Artist of the Year’ Award for the Folk Music Awards.  She was also selected to perform & write on behalf of Prince Edward Island in the Great Canadian Song Quest.  Catherine shared the stage with several of her indie/folk peers including Joel Plaskett & Jay Sparrow.  CBC’s Great Canadian Song Quest encouraged residents to submit local artists & landmarks that represented their home province or territory.  Artists would be nominated to write a song about a favorite landmark or location in each province.  The result was 13 unique perspectives on 13 unique locations unified by one great country.   
Canada’s music industry may not have the mainstream output that the US does at the moment but there is a sense of loyalty that nurtures many of our favorite artists.  Catherine Maclellan seems to have found a spot at that table; beating out Joel Plaskett for ‘Solo Artist of the Year’.  She has recently joined the ranks at True North Records and is making a name for herself as the newcomer to watch.  True North houses many of the Canadian greats including Bruce Cockburn, Randy Bachman & The Golden Dogs to name a few.   It could just be a matter of time before Catherine Maclellan qualifies as one of the elite in Canadian folk music.

     Joining her will be; Olympic Symphonium.  Olympic Symphonium serves as a softer & gentler avenue for the three accomplished Maritime musicians.  Nick Cobham, Kyle Cunjak & Graeme Walker, all share the workload of singing and songwriting but rotate around various instruments.  It is interesting to hear a trio of musicians, who are usually inclined towards a more upbeat rock drive, exploring the contemplative & gentle side of the music.  It seems they aren’t afraid to use a little time to slow down and find the right voicing in their music.  Since the trio each play a variety of instruments, it enables them to explore the music extensively; to explore the nuances of different instruments and sounds.

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