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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Julie Doiron Across the World

Julie Doiron is one of Canada’s long-time indie darlings. The music is charming & tender but not shying away from her more electric roots. It successfully crosses back and forth between atmospheric and raw to quirky indie rock. She can make you contemplate the deeper issues and then make you smile on the next track. It’s these kinds of things that show Julie Doiron is a musician with a little bit of experience under her belt. Julie can be found on the scene in the early 90s as the bassist & vocalist of Eric’s Trip. Since then, Julie Doiron has released several solo albums including the most recent  ‘I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day’ in March of 2009. It doesn’t take a long time before you realize that Julie Doiron makes music because she loves making music.  It seems to be that kind of integrity behind the creation that draws people to her music and keeps them coming back for more.  Maybe that’s why the mayor of Bruno, SK, named June 7th ‘Julie Doiron Day‘ after her sold out concert in the town of only 600. There’s a connection between Julie and her fans that has been going strong for many years.   
I’m sure we can all relate to creating a mud monster friend with our own pulled teeth.
Julie joined us at The Streaming Cafe in January and is now gearing up to perform in the Cultural Olympiad in Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics. After that she will be taking on Japan & China through the first half of March.  I think it’s pretty clear that Julie is doing what it takes to get her music heard by the world.
Speaking of the Cultural Olympiad, I must point out what an impressive event that is in and of itself. With all the hype about speed skating, skiing, and, of course, hockey, it’s easy to overlook everything else going on in Vancouver over the coming weeks. Not only will the world’s finest athletes be flocking to Vancouver but so will many of the world’s finest artists. Feist, City and Colour, Steve Earle, Joel Plaskett, Stars, Florence K, The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, & The Kronos Quartet are just a few of the artists performing. It’s great to see such a large selection of Canadian artists providing entertainment for the events. Canada has a rich collective of music & arts, and I think the Olympics are going to serve as a canvas for Canadian culture - and I don’t mean just hockey.  


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