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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Taking a look back

I know it's getting closer to Christmas, because everything is getting crazy. We got a big snowfall on Monday and it's been Christmas season ever since. In our office we're going full stream on the Christmas and New Years show (our video post-production guy is going to need a break after this).

But, we still have two great show coming up this weekend. Jane Eamon on Friday 8pm PST, a local folk legend that will wow you with her songwriting and unique voice. And The Family Band on Saturday 8pm PST; an east coast indie folk 5 piece that is sure to be a good time. Check out http://janeeamon.com and http://thefamilyband.ca for more info.

What's coming next? A Video podcast. We're really excited to launch a weekly Vodcast which will feature songs and interviews from our shows. We're going to have a Holiday launch, so tune in for our first Vodcast soon!

More info to come.



  1. Will the podcasts cost anything?! This is so cool, I can't wait until Ipod all over the world are watching streaming cafe concerts!!


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