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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Carey Ott Article from www.discoverrock.com

TV, Film, and Beyond
Carey has been fortunate having "I Wouldn't Do That To You" from the Dualtone Records release of "Lucid Dream" chosen by the Warner TV Group's music producers to be a part of an episode of their new up coming series "Past Life."

This will be the third time the song has been exposed for commercial usage. The others were : Kyle XY, an ABC TV Series. A six month long campaign by JC Penny to re-launch their AZ Jeans Youth brand. Carey's music was the only music heard for six months along with kick ass youth action videos. Soooooo thank you "I Wouldn't Do That To You"!

Next up was a recent mix session with Indianapolis basedNick Vote-Genius Johnson at Carey's Nashville studio early Nov. Directly after those sessions Carey took a week long trip to Road Island to co-produce / arrange and play along with his friend Bohegay Bowes a song that is the featured song of a video project from Sweden. The band members flew in from Sweden with Meat Balls in hand. Good stuff! 

Then Boom! He travels to the Great White North, British Columbia, Canada.

Dates in BC include Vancouver, the Okanagan Valley and Whistler Mtn., right at the time of the popular Whistler Film Festival.Amongst this journey he will write and ski with Vancouver performer and recording artist Taylor James. Taylor and Carey have been working on her next release @ Carey's Nashville Studio.

Carey continues to work on his 18 song Human Heart project with Toronto producer Ben Pelchat and Californian, Terry Carleton while at the same time finds time to write or co-write an average of one or two songs a week.

Please check out the E-Card works in progress for a sneak preview of "HUMAN HEART.

Lots more but Less is More and you've only got so much time to look this over.

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