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Monday, October 26, 2009

Acres and Acres, Jon Mckiel

Well we had a busy weekend at the Streaming Cafe with three shows. Thursday night was a success raising over 800 dollars for Free The Children. Louise Kent put on an entertaining show.

On Friday we had Jon-Rae Fletcher, Acres and Acres and Jon Mckiel. Two acts (Acres and Acres, Jon Mckiel) got held up in traffic on their way from Vancouver Island to Kelowna. Jon-Rae very capably took the first set with the other acts arriving mid way through it. After a hasty soundcheck during the break Acres and Acres took it away, very impressively.

It was well worth the wait, Acres and Acres and Jon Mckiel put on a spectacular show for a packed house. The show was so good we've opted to put up three archives (4 songs from every artist) up on our site. check it out.

AND, on Saturday we had the talented indie band from Vancouver, Redgy Blackout. It power packed weekend at the Streaming Cafe.

Here are a few videos and pics from this weekend.

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