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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Canadian Sound

What a show we had this Saturday at the Streaming Cafe. One of the best yet. Liam and Brent Titcomb packed out the cafe and put on a spell binding performance. All in all it was great music in support of a great organization WarChild. 
And after the holiday weekend everybody is back to work. It feels like the summer is over and we're moving quickly in the next season. It's time to trade in your coronas for hopheads and listen to some long winded singers in place of the snappy pop songs of summer. Well at least that's what I'll be doing; just listening to some Matthew Barber. 
Liam, during the Saturday show, referenced the audience as being Canadian, doing a Canadian thing listening to Brent Titcomb and his son. And just a little while ago we had Treelines which Rhys Albrecht, the host, called a quintessential Canadian rock band. It's odd talking about music that has a Canadian sound but I think we could say that both Treelines, Matthew Barber, Liam and Breant Titcomb all have a Canadian sound. And that is the kind of sound I want to hear going into the next season. 

Mr. Producer.

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