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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ari Neufeld and Kim McMechan

After a few difficulties, the Eisenhauer, Sheree Plett and Lance Odegard show is rebroadcasting. It was a great show. To have three songwriters playing and backing each other up makes for a great energy. The three songwriters also brought a great diversity. Sheree Plett a great lyricist, Eisenhauer the melodist and Lance Odegard the understated-ist. Sheree and Eisenhauer were here before so I had an extra keen eye on Lance who did not disappoint. Check out his two new albums at www.lanceodegard.com. The songs "Oregon" and "Entropy" really stuck out to me (both on his new records). 

We're gearing up this week for a killer weekend with Kim McMechan and Ari Neufeld. Ari's recently put out a new CD. The new record "The Lost Tapes (vol 4)" draws together his captivating live show and adds instrumentation to produce a wonderfully raw studio recording. It's going to be two great shows.

Here is a sneak peak at Ari and Kim the last times they played at the Streaming Cafe.

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