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Monday, August 10, 2009

Poor Little Rich Girl

Young bands have a certain edge. As if they are playing things for the first time, which may be the case. Poor Little Rich Girl, a Vernon based indie rock band played at the cafe this Saturday. Like many young bands they get by on energy and creativity. What struck me was the detailed guitar effect and strong chilly pepper esque rhythm section. And although they claimed not to know “The Cure” strong 80’s prog rock influence.

Poor Little Rich Girl may be a new band but they’ve played enough shows together to have some tight well knit songs. With their enigmatic lead singer they might also have the look to catch national and even international attention.

What’s exciting about young bands is getting to hear and see the process. The songs and sounds often aren’t as polished and this opens an audience’s ear to the sounds of striving, the sounds of practice, not of perfection. That said, part of the pull towards indie music is a pull towards imperfection on purpose.

Overall, it was a great evening at the streaming cafe.

Check out some of this show at www.streamingcafe.net

and more of Poor Little Rich Girl at www.myspace.com/poorlittlerichgirlband

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